Project information

Aim of the project:

 Municipality of Subotica City and Mayoral Office of Municipality of Szeged County Rank City  would like to develop enhancing integrated agricultural supply of goods and agro-trade potencial of Subotica-Szeged cross-border economic district in the interest of increasing economic competitiveness of the region. The specific objectives are: experience exchange, establishment and harmonization of trade, establishment of an integrated agricultural supply of goods, extension of market-place assortment with more organic valuable products, promotion, and training.

Target group of the project:

Directly: commercial enterprises, SME-s, market-place organizations (retail and wholesale market-places), consumers, agricultural producers. Indirectly: local authorities, economic developing institutions.

Results of the project:

Quality of the agricultural supply of goods in accordance with Eu policies, internationally significant markets are developed in the border area. Become familiar with product specialties and the latest technologies. An integrated agricultural supply of goods is established. Merchants get to know integrated commercial channels and ways to join these. Growth of commercial trade between the two sides of the border. Long-term economic and social effects: improvement of economic competitiveness on the European market, the establishment of a balanced, integrated agro-food-industrial product market, facilitation of easier way how products and producers of on country reach markets of the other.